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Through the Looking Glass

Looking-GlassI think it’s been more than thirteen years since I have become obsessed with understanding how the world works. I expect I will spend the rest of my life trying to get a clearer picture – but here is, in a nutshell, one thing I have learned.

If I look at the world through an instrument and want to understand what I see, looking  harder is futile if I don’t step back and look first at how the instrument works.

I pay attention to three dimensions: time, space, and the things that populate them. These dimensions are available to me in what could be thought off as three different stages of meaning-making – [hic] artificial distinction – a first stage where I perceive the world, a second stage where I genuinely do my best to interpret what is available to me, and a third, in which I represent the result to myself and to others.

If you imagine each possible combination of dimension(s)/stage(s) as a form of lens that is included in an instrument we use to engage with reality, it is also important to understand that we have the choice of adjusting these lenses – we can move imaginary levers and turn invisible knobs to change framing, focus, perspective, scale and a few other parameters that don’t lend themselves so easily to a comparison with photographic equipment. Let’s just say that this instrument has amazing storage and editing capabilities but very poor retrieval mechanisms – so if we ever look at the same thing, we always re-edit, with ever different results.– This page has been viewed by 645 members –