Best World Cuisines in Dubai 2013

Top 10 world cuisines in Dubai 2013Here are the ten best ranked cuisines in the world, and the number of restaurants that represent them in Dubai. Fine dining experiences where you should expect to spend above AED 500 (~US$150) are presented in a separate column.

Three thoughts occur to me:

– several other cuisines are great candidates for these top 10 spots and deserve mentioning: Moroccan, Turkish, Indonesian, to mention but a few.

– some of the cuisines on the list appear underrepresented in Dubai, specifically ‘Spanish’ and ‘Greek’. Development opportunity for upcoming hotels or for those who are now reinventing their F&B offering?

– the findings above may be called “aggregated bias”; the ranking for 2013 is a compilation of lists from sources that publish on the topic (CNN, Forbes, various famous bloggers) / the Dubai restaurant listing is sourced from Time Out Dubai and subject to questions such as: are these up to date? how are they categorized? Why is there a category ‘Mediterranean’ that is distinct from ‘Greek’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Italian’ or ‘Lebanese’?

What’s the point of this blog post? Oh, it’s just for fun.

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