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Why technology is the rabbit and human nature is the turtle

I like the idea that technology will free humans from all the tasks they are not supposed to be doing – i.e. anything that does not require the use of our mind.

But I am skeptical about the timeframe.

Just think – is it possible to put someone in a factory-type of environment, performing the mindless job of a cog in a machine, and then suddenly say hurray! you are saved, we have another way to get this done and you are now free to create!?

I am not sure. I think creativity and independence are fragile things that can be suffocated at a very early age. Can a mind be recovered? Can a mindset be replaced?


But I keep thinking of this interview I conducted a couple of years ago, with a certain leader of a certain country in the Middle East. He said, and I paraphrase: “People do not change their minds and do not relinquish their ideas. People grow old, and die, and then new people take their place. And these new people have new ideas and that is how things change…”


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