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Wasted Minds

I find it baffling that we keep isolating our young in universities that are largely cut off from the world of economic endeavor, then express frustration and surprise at how very little prepared newly graduates are to tackle the “real world”. Not to even mention all that wasted energy in fictitious case studies and projects, when there are so many actual problems deserving of time and energy…

So, I dream of a university that differs in two major points from what we have as the norm today:

1. Teach fundamentals, not specializations – teach students how to think, how to know themselves, how to distinguish between right and wrong based on their own judgment, and more importantly, know they have the obligation to themselves and each other to do something about it.

2. Apply these fundamentals to actual problems, either in their immediate communities (in person) or globally (enabled by technology). What counts is that the creative and work capacity of these students is not wasted in meaningless exercises that lack the texture and subtlety of genuine problems to have any real educational value.

I think I am going to create myself a company. I will call it the “real world”, albeit I dislike this academic cliché. In this context, however, the fuss about getting some “real world” experience affords an amusing pun as well as a marketing device. The business model of the “real world” would rely on aggregating actual business problems/projects (priority given to the communities in which the various “real world” branches would be active) and making them available to student teams coordinated by a professor, who would solve/deliver in exchange for credit AND financial reward (though less than what a consultant would charge). This company will be the first iteration, the primitive first step towards the type of hybrid educational/economic institution I have in mind.

Would it be difficult? Yes, because it takes convincing many different entities to buy into such a system. Would it be worth it? You tell me…– This page has been viewed by 499 members –