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This is not an economic crisis!

Rarely have I felt as frustrated as I am today by my inability to express what I see in the world.

Roaring in every publication that matters, are thought-leaders deploring one aspect or the other of economic, political, or social impasses manifesting throughout the world. From the Singapore sling to the Arab spring, from EU’s self-undermining choices to US’s standoffs on fiscal policy, you name it, we’ve got it all.

The idea that I cannot quite clearly express yet is that all the crises discussed today are symptoms of a single common cause.

This cause is a matter of life-cycle – worldviews that have dominated systems of thought during the past decades are coming to an end and there are no suitable substitutes in sight, for now. A “mindset cliff” faces the world, as the “patents” held on predominant ideologies are set to expire at an unprecedented pace and scale.

So, where do I begin?

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